Thursday, 22 December 2016

Hubble discovers the most distant galaxy ever seen

Hubble discovers the most distant galaxy ever seen

The Hubble Space Telescope has detected the farthest galaxy ever discovered . This galaxy, called GN-z11, is extremely bright and, according to estimates to be published in the Astrophysical Journal, it existed some 400 million years after the Big Bang. This makes it almost in one of the oldest galaxies that we can observe.

Although the Hubble will have a couple of years for retirement (in 2018) and is already preparing its substitutes, the James Webb and the WFIRST hundred times more powerful than the Hubble; Continues to give joy to all fans of astronomy. With this discovery, in addition, we have learned the keys to see far beyond what evenAhroanow we thought it was possible.

In a galaxy very far away: the most distant galaxy never seen.
We are facing a historic landmark in modern astronomy . In fact, many astronomers thought that the Hubble telescope had reached its technical limit: discovered last year, the EGSY8p7 galaxy was until now, 170 million years ago, the most distant object we had located. During the last year, it was a permanent runrun in the astronomical community that could not be further advanced until 2018 with the arrival of James Webb.

Hubble discovers the most distant galaxy ever seen

Luckily they were wrong. According to the results of the Astrophysical Journal, the galaxy in question was formed at a rate twenty times that of the Milky Way, it is 25 times smaller and has a 1% of the total mass of this. Now new questions open up, as we had the discovery of gravitational waves, the existence of this type of galaxy in times so remote collides with what we knew so far. As Ivo Labbe explains, every step we take shows that our knowledge of the early universe is still very limited.

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