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GoPro wants to capture your adventures in 360 degrees

GoPro wants to capture your adventures in 360 degrees

If the market action cameras and accessories was staying was little to GoPro, and we started to feel that there must come a drone designed for them, it now seems that the interest is in virtual reality .

The way to expand into new horizons is buying. That's what they've done, acquire a French company called Kolor, specializing in creating videos designed to be in virtual reality helmets, since the content is recorded at 360 degrees.

We understand that you want to mount a new team, a new line of business or products that allow you to capture and share content in a special way. We can think of a GoPro 360 that can get into all kinds of events and situations, to keep turning your camera on a ubiquitous element in our day.

Spherical content for virtual reality helmets
GoPro puts us how easy and does not want to think too much as shared a good test - which is also in 4K - what can come to do with "spherical content." The video is recorded with GoPro cameras and software handles mixed Kolor:

Booming sales
The move comes at a sweet moment, GoPro just introduced financial results for the first quarter. Revenues are up 54% over the same period last year, talked about 363.1 million dollars.

As for benefits, there have been 16.8 million . It is the second most competitive brand quarter in its history - exceeding expectations - the first outside the period of holidays.

Speaking of units sold, the boys put on the market GoPro 1.3 million cameras in the first quarter of the year, unfortunately not the figure is broken down by model. Compared to last year - 852,000 cameras were sold - the figure is really good.

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