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Getting your laptop screen is touch is a breeze with Neonode AIRBAR

Getting your laptop screen is touch is a breeze with Neonode AIRBAR

The avalanche of convertible computers has made it increasingly more common to have teams that have touchscreens. The advantages of this option are clear for many users who use their computers as tablets and interact with these screens not only with the mouse and keyboard, but also with different gestures on the screen.

Neonode AIRBAR is a device for notebooks based on Windows and Chrome OS with which we can convert non - touchscreens of those teams on touch screens. The small bar is placed at the bottom of the screen has a series of sensors that detect these touch gestures to move them to the interface so really accurate.

Touch gestures to any portable Windows
Video demonstrations functioning well clarify how a device that works has been a year announced that finally begins to reach the market. The bar is available in various sizes for the most popular screen diagonal (13.3, 14 and 15.6 inches) and connects to the USB port of the laptop so that it will supply current.

The operation of the AIRBAR is based on the creation of a field of invisible light with which we interact by touching the screen. These movements are translated by the operating system, which interprets those touches and gestures as mouse interactions.

In tests it is found that support for OSX / macOS is limited, but instead it works with Windows is excellent, effectively becoming the screens tátciles of those notebooks that do not offer the option. The device costs $ 69 (at is to 1 1? ie = UTF8 & qid = 1481359746 & sr = 8-1 & keywords = neonode + AIRBAR) and although currently only available version 15.6 - inch laptop soon offer other sizes.

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