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Does your laptop screen is not touch? For $ 49 you can be thanks to AIRBAR

Does your laptop screen is not touch? For $ 49 you can be thanks to AIRBAR

The arrival of Windows 8 meant the definitive statement of intent in the PC segment: touchscreens not only make sense in mobile, but also on the laptop and even desktop computer. The operating system interface that argued for such interaction, which has been more relaxed with the release of Windows 10.

Yet this commitment tactile still interesting for many users who simply have not been able to enjoy it on their laptops because they were not equipped with touch screen. To fix a group of entrepreneurs has created AIRBAR, a small bar that is ready to run on computers of 15.6 inches and become non - touch screens on touch screens easily.

(Almost) anyone can have a laptop with touchscreen
As explained in the official website of the project, the AIRBAR projects an invisible light field on the surface of our screen that allows "we touch" the screen and interact with the same gestures we use in Windows 8 and Windows 10.

The secret of this capacity is in use zForce Neonode AIR technology, which allows the light field react to any interaction with him. With AIRBAR we can make use of gestures supported by the Microsoft operating system, and also we can use our hands but also gloves and other objects.

The bar is located just below the screen and is coupled by a magnetic system, in addition to being connected to the power and data to the PC via the USB port. There is hardly any impact on the battery, they say, and its reduced price of $ 49 makes it especially interesting for those who want to experiment with that option and had been unable to do so.

At the moment, yes, its orientation is limited to laptops with 15.6 - inch screens based on Windows 8 or higher. Makers indicate that support for OS X is very limited, and so far no data on a bar that allows to achieve the same in other popular diagonal screen as 13.3 or 17 inches. It will be officially presented at CES in less than a month, so it must be attentive to the first analysis.

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