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Controlling air traffic in "4D": ESA and Inmarsat test their new control system

Controlling air traffic in "4D": ESA and Inmarsat test their new control system

The traffic information has been modernized with satellites, but not only roads, also the air, which is not little . But the ESA ( European Space Agency ) and Inmarsat want to improve control of the latter with Iris Precursor, which has already made its first test flights.

What the European agency and the British operator seeking this program is to improve air traffic control adding to the current level, seeking to be a system of "4D" Control and thus increasing the accuracy thereof. At the moment, the

A 4D to relieve aerial congestion
In order to carry out these first tests, the agencies have used an aircraft from the Aerospace Center of the Netherlands to be the vehicle to be controlled. The plane was connected to a state-of-the-art Inmarsat satellite since it took off from Amsterdam, making a total of four flights to different destinations on the European continent.

And what does "4D" refer to? The four dimensions are the four variables that control the system, ie, longitude, latitude, altitude and time . Thus, the test was the connection of the airplane to the terrestrial centers exchanging messages on the state of the air traffic, which was also maintained when the airplane communicated with the satellite.

These tests come after those made in March, already testing this 4D control and communication exchanges between pilot and control towers. On the agenda are more test flights late next year , with a view to implement it on commercial flights.

The intention, in addition to improving current systems is that they relieve a little congestion there in the traditional control system (a mixture of radar, radio and pings location from the plane), says the vice president of security and services Of Inmarsat, Captain Mary McMillan, as well as optimizing European airspace. The plan is that by 2019 the development and tests have finished Precursor Iris is started.

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