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Apple is working on autonomous car: this is the ultimate test

Apple is working on autonomous car: this is the ultimate test

It takes years speculating on the hypothetical Apple 's entry into the world of electric and autonomous car , but the company had never finished giving definite clues beyond hiring skilled in the field of automotive and artificial intelligence.

But those intentions have now been patent to know the letter Steve Kenner, director of Product Integrity Apple has sent the Government of the United States. It Apple makes clear his vision of an autonomous car that has "the potential to greatly improve the human experience behind the wheel."

The Project Titan looks more real than ever
The five - page letter shows that Apple is especially interested in the field of artificial intelligence and transport . Kenner , which until recently had been global director of automotive safety Ford- it made clear in stating that Apple "is investing heavily in the study of machine learning and automation, and is excited with the potential of autonomous systems in many areas including transport. "

The letter, addressed to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), stressed the need to "treat all participants [in the race of autonomous car] so even - handed" and not to impose too many restrictions when to evaluate the behavior of autonomous cars.

The now famous " Project Titan " Apple has spent years developing in secret, but Apple's intentions seemed to have been reduced . Weeks ago it was revealed that rather than go for the autonomous car would focus on software , no more. There were also rumors of a potential purchase of McLaren that this company ended up denying but even there have been resignations and unique contracts on the computer that theoretically would be in charge of the project.

This letter seems to make clear Apple's ambition in this regard, but so far it remains unclear whether the bet will be complete as such or only the software that governs the Apple drive vehicle. The latter would be unusual for a company that traditionally differs by throwing complete products where the hardware takes full advantage of the software and vivecersa . The Apple car could therefore and although it is delayed , it will be very interesting to see what we have prepared Cupertino firm in this regard.

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