Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Amazon prepares its own Spotify half price and exclusive devices Echo

Amazon prepares its own Spotify half price and exclusive devices Echo

Amazon remains committed to further improving their smart Echo speakers. During this year we have told how they were preparing a mini version to make it even more portable and functionality for your IA Alexa is able to read us books we buy for Kindle, and now it seems that looking into a competitor within the streaming industry musical.

As sources have told the music industry to recode, Amazon is negotiating to launch a new music streaming service. You have two features that differentiate it from Spotify, Apple and Music Company: which will be exclusive to the Echo devices and possibly offered at half price.

An alternative countercurrent
In general, the industry is based in offering these services to a standardized 10 dollars or euros per month price. The idea of Amazon however, according to sources, is to offer the same functionality of having unlimited free streaming advertising, but price down to 4 or 5 dollars only offer it on their own devices.

This in principle means that we can not use our smartphone or computer, and Echo to be a network connected speakers there will be no way to listen to songs offline. A decision counter to the trend of the industry, whose participants try to bring their proposals to the more formats better.

Therefore, this new streaming service directly depend on the impact that gets to have Echo on the market, sales of Amazon expected to reach 10 million units in 2017 according to The Information . In any case, the data we have about this service could still change, because sources say Amazon is still negotiating with record labels.

It is planned that the company Jeff Bezos launched this new subscription service for 4 or $ 5 in September, and, accompanied by a second proposal that this time it will be a direct competitor to Spotify with a similar price and the same characteristics. That's when we know all the facts about this new approach to two bands of music streaming online store.

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