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A series of Marvel every six months: that's the plan Netflix

A series of Marvel every six months: that's the plan Netflix

If you're a fan of the Marvel Universe, you're in luck. Already we knew how Netflix had planned to create five original series on characters related to the group of superheroes Defenders, but now we know more about when they plan to issue them . Specifically, as they explained those responsible for the streaming portal, hope to release a new series of Marvel every six months, and so they last the five who have thought.

'Daredevil' was the first, after seeing the light this month of April with a good reception both from the audience and critics in general. The second will be 'Jessica Jones', we will see before the end of the year. If from October, the series will come to Spain while the US release as a few weeks ago confirmed.

In 2016 debuting the remaining two series, focusing on the characters of Luke Cage and Iron Fist (Iron Fist), with the second season of 'Daredevil'. They have not yet confirmed concrete opening day for any of them. In the end, and with a date yet to be determined, will arrive 'The Defenders', a mini-series that will bring together the previous four characters. As mini-series, we understand that no doubt more than one season, but we must not dismiss it.

In fact, this does not mean that they will not create new series. In response to whether you may be encouraged with spin-off character The Punisher that appears in 'Daredevil', responsible for content Netflix he acknowledged that is a possibility. "That's the beauty of the Marvel Universe, " he explained in reference to how if a minor character in any of the current series triumphs, would have no problem in giving his own series.

Marvel series to choose
In total, and so far, Netflix will have on the air four series (with the possibility of renewal, as we have seen in the case of 'Daredevil') and a mini-series, a real deployment marveliano that will make the wait between films more bearable for fans. What you still want more ? 'Agents of SHIELD' premiere its third season this fall on ABC and 'Agent Carter' will have a second season in a few months in the same chain, yes, reduced to only ten chapters after hearings early episodes were quite loose.

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