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A new moon never seen before appears in our solar system thanks to the Hubble

A new moon never seen before appears in our solar system thanks to the Hubble

The Hubble Space Telescope, who just turned 26, still impressed us with their discoveries, as just over one month showed us the most distant galaxy ever seen, now has found something in our own solar system, a moon of that simply unaware of their existence.

It is curious that in all these years of research, we have never realized that it was there, and more being part of our solar system, something that makes it incredible and tells us that we still have a lot to know and discover. This moon is almost at the limits of our system and is almost invisible, but thanks to the Wide Field Camera 3, Hubble, which is able to distinguish dark objects in bright environments, as we now know of its existence.

Makemake has a partner
It is estimated that dark this little moon and surface coal black has been orbiting for millions of years the dwarf planet Makemake, planet discovered in 2005 and located in the Kuiper Belt, one of the two largest objects in this area; Its diameter is slightly more than half that of Pluto and is considered the third largest dwarf planet in the solar system.

Since it was discovered the existence of Makemake, astronomers thought that it was very similar to Pluto object, but now seeing that also has a natural satellite theory gains momentum and new importance as they will study in more detail the planet, To know some components of its surface, which is inconsistent with its ice layer, in addition to its movement, since having such a closed orbit is believed to be the product of a collision, so it has now been captured by the Belt Of Kuiper.

The moon has been dubbed MK2 and is 1,300 times lighter than Makemake, the first analyzes estimate that their diameter can be close to 160 kilometers and is located approximately 21,000 kilometers of dwarf planet, around every 12 days.

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