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This personal car is an evolution of the electric bike ideal for cities

This personal car is an evolution of the electric bike ideal for cities

One of the problems of big cities is the power to transport us from one place to another efficiently and easily , something that over time has been complicated due to the increase in population as well as the approach to the development of access roads intended cars, leaving little space for other forms of transport.

Despite this, the bikes have become one of the largest and most efficient means of transportation not only in the cities but in any region of the world that needs to mobilize its population, so we have seen have emerged focused projects bikes and improve their performance , as in this case GinzVelo, an interesting idea that seeking funding in Kickstarter .

GinzVelo, electric personal transportation and efficient
GinzVelo is a curious combination between an electric tricycle but with a structure that makes it ideal for rainy days in addition to its aerodynamic design allows it to reach speeds of nearly 50 mph between the engine that incorporates and our help through the pedals. It is a project of Peter Ginzburg, an inventor of Virgina in the United States who has made the design and mechanism to bring us an ideal vehicle for everyday use in cities.

This personal car is an evolution of the electric bike ideal for cities

GinzVelo is a hybrid vehicle that combines driver intervention and electrical system, which has an engine similar 500w who use many electric bikes, a rechargeable battery of 48V and 20 Ah, with this the manufacturer promises range of between 120 and 160 kilometers on a single charge , of course, if we depend on the engine, since autonomy can be unlimited if we use the pedals.

The structure is made of fiberglass to make it lightweight and can be easily transported, besides the aforementioned aerodynamic design for greater speed, which according to the specifications may be just over 32 km / h using only the engine, but if we decide to use the pedals will increase the speed to reach almost 50 km / h . In addition to this, the structure is equipped with mirrors and LED lights for the headlights, sidelights, brake and to indicate turns, this with the intention that it can be used at night without problems.

As mentioned, this GinzVelo is just a Kickstarter project with a goal set at $ 50,000 to start their production with a view to marketing. The price of each GinzVelo is $ 6,000 and delivery would be during the month of November, unfortunately only in the United States.

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