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This is all we know about defective batteries Samsung Galaxy Note 7

This is all we know about defective batteries Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The story up to this point I think you the know, but I do not care recapitulate a bit: Samsung has encountered a complicated problem in the batteries of your Note 7 so had to stop sales and start putting solution those units distributed, also those who are in production. Fortunately , they were quick with the solution .

It is estimated that this process is going to cost Koreans spending 1,000 million , but possibly more complicated deal with the bad press just before the release of a new iPhone . That is the main pain in a moment that seemed magical to Samsung, in full recovery and people who want to spend much money on mobile, accepting that they were the best alternative to Apple.

Today we can bring a little more light on the subject "batteries" which already has little to do with the solution, rather with the problem, it has identified better where they come defective units. By the way the problems have affected 0.01% of production - 35 cases - but potentially could be higher, so you have to be well detected phones.

First culprit: Samsung SDI
It is said that the number of potentially dangerous phones would amount to 65% , even more according to some specialized media. That percentage leaves the number of units manufactured in the Korean and Vietnamese facilities, curiously phones that were manufactured in China do not seem to be related to the problem.

This is all we know about defective batteries Samsung Galaxy Note 7

So more than ever a "Made in China" can come in handy to phone buyers, as are Samsung SDI batteries that are wrong , which creates the Korean company itself. That tell us from Korea Herald . Chinese are created by a company called ATL - they are free of dangers - and are for variants that have been sold in that market, and in Hong Kong.

Two cases after confirmation of the problem
Samsung has produced 2.5 million Note 7 , if we count the fact that 65% have more than a million and a half of hazardous phone. Since Samsung said that there were only 35 cases have come to light a couple of accidents, one in Australia and one in Taiwan , in them the problem was originally detected the same: start to burn and explode while carrying.
This is all we know about defective batteries Samsung Galaxy Note 7

What will happen although we have is that Samsung will ask for more units to ATL for production of the phone, which is already being felt in the accounts of Samsung SDI, which fell 2.76% on the stock market. It seems that this sister company has not done well in its history with launches Galaxy, I had major problems to meet the demand of batteries with the Galaxy S6 and Samsung had to dip into ATL and LG Chemicals .

If we go to South Korea , where many units have come to distribution channels, we see that the major companies - SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus - are giving zero problems to change the phone even to full refund of the price. Interestingly users prefer to change money, the phone still interested in them.

If we look at partners who perform accessories such as Oculus , also they are reluctant to use defective units on things like virtual reality helmets: in there are going to be heated and is no plan to play with risk.

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