Monday, 28 November 2016

The first private jet supersonic world aims arrival for 2023

After several years the world of aviation suffered a kind of stagnation, in recent months we have seen how they have released all kinds of patents, a truly terrible that put us in a scenario of suffering on every trip. But all is well, for more than nine years there are plans to return the Concorde , but nothing has been able to realize, however, there are alternative projects that seek to bring part of the experience of traveling luxuriously in less time .

One of the most advanced and viable projects has been the company Aerion , offering a private plane will be able to offer speeds Mach 1.5 , a project that was announced seven years ago and it is close to finally see the light.

The first deputy Concorde
Aerion has come to update the status of your AS2 aircraft , mainly focused on the business market and millionaires who want to make quick trips within an atmosphere of comfort and privacy, because this aircraft only has a capacity for eight passengers and four staff members .

Aerion has advanced that everything is ready for your AS2 start with their first tests during the year 2019 in order to take flight officially in 2023 . The advantage for billionaires, it is that this plane will only be available in some companies luxury, ie, will not be available for all mortals.

The AS2 stems from a collaboration with the Spanish defense division of Airbus and is made Supersonic Laminar Flow Natural , a technological material developed by DARPA and tested by NASA, which will allow its three turbine can reach 1.5 times the speed sound and thus make intercontinental travel in four hours on average.

The luxury company Flexjet is officially the first buyer, who already booked 20 aircraft AS2 with a value of 120 million dollars per unit .

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