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The FAA warns: the tragedy caused by drones is close

The FAA warns: the tragedy caused by drones is close

Since last June 1 pilots of commercial and private aircraft and air traffic controllers have alerted the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States on 25 cases in which small drones were about to collide with much larger aircraft.

According to the FAA, these drones are standing as a threat to the much older than had previously been estimated air traffic. Until last Wednesday appeared there was only one case of risk of collision between a drone and an airliner, but new data show that especially in takeoffs and landings in several very busiest airports are threatening air safety.

One example was last Sept. 30 in which drivers LaGuardia Airport in New York found that flight 6230 of Republic Airlines was "almost reached" a small drone at an altitude of 1200 meters, when he was already in full descent for landing.

These threats collision are only part of the 175 incidents spotted by pilots and air traffic controllers in restricted traffic areas, and in almost all the protagonists were popular drones equipped with video cameras recording. Fred Roggero, a retired Air Force general said that " the potential for catastrophic damage is there."

The FAA continues to develop the rules governing the flight of this type of unmanned vehicles. In its general lines indicate that the drones for recreational purposes can be used at less than 120 meters high and must be 8 kilometers away from the aueropuertos and, of course, out of restricted areas. Commercial flights are banned although permits have been granted in the field of film- and in that area are also included drones intended use messaging companies like Amazon.

Problems with drones is deepening logically: it is estimated that in the last three years has sold over half a million small unmanned spacecraft that more and more risks to aviation safety imposed, and many experts and pilots are trying to make clear the risks to traditional aviation.

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