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One of the new Galaxy Note 7 causes the evacuation of a plane in the US

One of the new Galaxy Note 7 causes the evacuation of a plane in the US

Problems continue for Samsung, because this morning a plane Southwest Airlines was the route from Louisville to Baltimore had to be evacuated after the cabin filled with smoke from a Galaxy Note in July. The plane was in the process of shipment and no damage or injuries were reported.

Lori Crabtree, a spokesman for Southwest Airlines, confirmed that the incident was only the presence of smoke, no explosion or fire, causing burns on the carpet in the hallway and the evacuation of the plane while it was still on the ground. It notes that the airline only mentions that it was a brand 'Samsung' because they could not verify the model of the device.

Confirmation that this was a Galaxy Note 7 comes from The Verge, who have contacted the owner of the device, it ensures that it is one of the new replacement units Note 7.

One of the new Galaxy Note 7 causes the evacuation of a plane in the US

Brian Green explains that changed its Galaxy Note 7 on September 21 and says that since then has been used only a wireless charger. By his count, this morning found aboard Flight 944 bound for Baltimore its Galaxy Note 7 had about 80% battery after the order to turn off electronic devices placed the phone in his pocket and within seconds he started broadcasting thick with color between gray and green smoke, so he threw it to the ground and issued the alert.

Green sent a photograph of the box of the new Galaxy Note allegedly received, where we can see the famous "black box" which is one of the signs that placed Samsung to report that this is one of the new devices, and the user He ensures that your smartphone had the battery icon in green color, another feature that indicates that this is one of the replacement units.

Samsung investigates overheating problems in the Galaxy Note 7 replacement
On the other hand, last week Samsung confirmed that it has received several reports of overheating in some replacement units of Galaxy Note 7 in the United States and South Korea, reports that the device temperature increases considerably to a level It makes it impossible to place it in the ear when you are on a call.

Samsung acknowledged the complaints and mentions that it is working on individual cases, which has already made new unit changes but still there is a diagnosis that tells us what happens with these new smartphones.

"There have been some reports about levels of battery charge and we would like to ensure that this does not pose a security problem. Under normal conditions, all smartphones can experience temperature fluctuations".

According to figures from Samsung, so far have been replaced over 60% of Galaxy Note 7 United States and South Korea, where 90% of those affected have chosen a new Note 7 only 5% called for a reimbursement and the other 5% a new device.

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