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GeoOrbital Wheel, Wheel transform our traditional offering electric bike

GeoOrbital Wheel, Wheel transform our traditional offering electric bike

It is certainly good news that the bike continue to expand in use in several cities and regions of the world, the benefits are many, both for the environment and health, so we see beginning to emerge increasingly focused projects promote use.

Electric bikes have become the favorite to move to the cities resort, but its price has not yet allows all people can be a plus that most people now own one, which would lead to a new investment . Under this idea it is how this new project appears, offering us transform our bike into an electrical current in a few minutes.

A wheel motor
The devices offer an upgrade for our traditional bike are not new, we have seen ideas , offering the possibility of having an electric bike, detail is that they are heavy, complex and somewhat costly point devices, but this time is an interesting twist to this idea, since the necessary mechanism is in a wheel, so it will not be necessary to add additional design things.

GeoOrbital Wheel, Wheel transform our traditional offering electric bike

The project was born in Boston puts us in a wheel that replaces the front wheel of your bike is equipped with an electrical system inside with an electric motor 36v 500w with a removable battery lithium ion 36v and 6Ah, which It offers speeds up to 32 km / h, with a range of almost 20 kilometers or 48 kilometers if we combine to use with the pedals . This compared to the entry -level version of 26 inches, as there will be a 700cc version in sizes 28 and 29 inches, where the engine type and speed is maintained, but the battery capacity and autonomy is increased.

The system is activated by a switch placed on the handlebar, which will have access to the system whenever you need. It certainly seems a good idea, besides its creators mention that change the wheel will only take us a couple of minutes, however you have to consider an increase in weight ranging from 7 to 9 kilograms, which is not very comfortable for some people who usually carry their bikes over several floors.

Note that this is a project that is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter , so you could not see the light; despite this, the campaign so far has been a success, as have raised more than 140,000 Dolare s, surpassing its goal of 75,000 and even several days ahead.

An additional point that might affect the purchasing decision is price, because investing in one GeoOrbital wheel will make us pay $ 649 , this considering that it is special for those who support the campaign price as its commercial price will be $ 950.

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