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Nintendo not give more details of the Nintendo Switch in 2016, but this is what we have been able to ascertain

Nintendo not give more details of the Nintendo Switch in 2016, but this is what we have been able to ascertain

Although after the presentation yesterday finally have the first official details of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's next console, for each answer Nipone the company was responding with its video emerged two others remained unanswered. And I'm afraid we'll have to wait a few months to get more answers. Takashi Mochizuki, reporter for the Wall Street Journal, transmitted on Twitter that Nintendo have said that there will be more information during the remainder of the year, or specifications, or game titles or price. But after investigating the few answers that have responded since yesterday, and that you deliberately did not want to respond, we can get an idea of ​​some data that did not appear in the video.

Of course, we must make it clear that here we enter the field of deductions, some of which depend on the interpretation of each. So there are some things that we can speculate that eventually come to nothing. In any case, these are the questions that we can intuit some answers.

What are the dimensions of the screen?
In Ars Technica they have made a very curious to try to guess the measurements Switch Nintendo thing. They have taken as a reference surface of the analog pads of the Wii U, Xbox One and PS4, measuring between 17 and 18 millimeters, and have used have tried to deduce what the approximate dimensions of the screen.

If we ignore their calculations the screen would be around 6.56 ", with measures 145x82 mm. With the same reference have calculated that every Joy-Con measures 106.4 x 34.3 mm, both attached Unshielded 157,5x115,8 mm, total tablet about 184.1 x 106.4 mm, and the entire system, consisting of the tablet and the controls on both sides 253.4 x 106.4 mm. They are all approximate measurements.

What exactly will the base?
Possibly one of the questions that has route network from the presentation of the first trailer of the console is if your base would be only for connection to television or also bring extra power to move some games. IGN they made this question a representative from Nintendo, and this was the answer:

"The Nintendo Switch Dock has been created to make it extremely easy to change smoothly play a game on the TV to take it to the portable mode".

"The dock is not the main console unit. The main unit of the Nintendo Switch is the one that has an LCD screen, and in which you can add or remove the two controllers Joy-Con. The main function of the Nintendo Switch Dock is to provide an outlet for TV, as well as load and provide energy to the system.

The last sentence in English is "as well as charging and providing power to the system". We have translated as energy power, but can also be power. You'd think that Nintendo has ruled that there will be more power with the base, but have mentioned the power after loading causes some to wonder if they not concern just the opposite.

By the way, Nintendo has answered some of the questions the average Japanese Famitsu, which have confirmed that the basic pack will include the console screen and both Joy-Con. Come on, it seems that the base will be sold separately. On packs with other supplements they have said that prices will be announced in each region after the release of the console.

What will be the power of the console?
The big question, of course, be able to compete with the Nintendo Switch PS4 and Xbox One? We know that Nvidia chips will be specially designed for the console, and have 500 engineers working on it, but apart from that nothing else.

All possibilities are open, and the optimists think Tegra chipsets six-core X2 (Denver 2 + Cortex-A57) that could provide a power of 1.5 TFLOPS in 16 bits. If so of course the power surpass the Wii U and approach the Xbox One and PS4, but a step would stay below the next console from Microsoft and the PS4 Pro.

Video presentation is what looks like a cooling system, which makes many are hopeful that could help the console to operate at higher power than in portable mode. If so, this could give some basis to some rumors suggest that games Switch graphical configuration would have a smaller screen than on TV. Still they are just rumors, so it will have to wait to speak out about it.

Will there be backwards compatible with 3DS or Wii U?
The answer to this question us again to the aforementioned WSJ reporter, Takashi Mochizuki. Last night was quite rumored about how good it would be for the console successfully exploited the theme of the cartridges to be backwards compatible with the Nintendo 3DS, and even that would help the good titles for Wii U with backward compatibility with it. But unfortunately it looks like it will not be.

The answer has returned us to Famitsu, that after talking to Nintendo could form the Switch or read cards or 3DS will be backwards compatible with Wii U. Still not entirely clear whether they refer only to physical media or something more definitive, so we dare not yet finished rule out the use of virtual consoles to play titles from previous generations.

What I will be, as confirmed yesterday IGN Nintendo is compatibility with amiibo. "If a Nintendo Switch supports amiibo, then the Nintendo console switch also will support," said a Nintendo representative.

And will it be compatible with Android?
Nintendo Android
For over a year hearing rumors that Nintendo's next console would be compatible with games for Android, a theory that has been fed by the big N has been taking titles for mobile. Famitsu also asked them why, and the answer was enigmatic: they say that at the moment can not comment on that.

You would think that if Nintendo has not had problems belie other rumors about the retrocompatiblidades not have to answer if Android was a lie. Can we then interpret his silence as an affirmation? It is risky, part of me wants so, but you better not draw firm conclusions until next year.

Similarly, Nintendo has not wanted to comment on whether the screen is touch or not. Therefore, it seems that everything related to this issue will have to wait until next year decide to give us a little more information.

What is your price?
And after the power, the next most important on this console (besides the battery, on which has not said anything at all), question is the price. In [The Verge] they have pulled newspaper archives to see what went on sale Nintendo 3DS for $ 249.99, although it was a miscalculation for which ended apologetically. The Wii U was the most expensive console with a starting price of 299.99 and 349.99 dollars depending on the storage and neither did very well.

This, considering that has mobile hardware and does not seem to have any particularly revolutionary technology, deduce that Nintendo should not have preoblemas to contain the price and make this an argument against competition.

On the other hand, an apparent leak two weeks ago it pointed to the price of the basic package would be $ 299.99, as we have seen before would be the pack with only the screen and controls. There was also talk of a bundle of $ 399.99, which although not said what may have could include the base or even the Pro command.

Some of the things related to the marketing strategy they said in this leak appear to have been fulfilled in the video Nintendo, it seems to have used reliable sources. Still, as always, better not take anything for granted until it's great that rule N revealing more data.

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