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Is it possible to enjoy content VR 4GLTE connected to a network?

Is it possible to enjoy content VR 4GLTE connected to a network?

Virtual reality is a new environment that has caught the attention of the audience, which has encouraged more and more creative content companies to join this new form of entertainment (developing games, movies, videos, series and applications, others).

Every day we can see the virtual reality more present, thanks to more and more adjuncts such as Gear VR, allowing us to use our smartphone as the means to project this kind of audiovisual and interactive materials using its graphics power and . screen resolution mobility that we provide the cell allows us to bring our favorite titles wherever , that is why we wonder: is it possible to enjoy content VR being connected to a network 4GLTE high speed?

Thanks to manufacturers like Samsung are driving this new format through devices like the Gear VR, we can access the catalog of Oculus applications designed for mobile devices and being in a 4GLTE like Telcel network we can make the most of these VR contents either in the browser of the phone itself or via free apps available as Discovery VR .

Through this you will see 360 footage video , plus content from different programs Discovery Channel and some series that were having this platform in mind, we recommend searching the video gondola ride through Italy and you marvel traveling to Old continent without having to move a second of where you are.

Even on the platform of Discovery there are videos like the one previously placed on exotic animals in their natural habitat that will make you feel like you're in front of them, which in real life would be difficult or even dangerous.

If you are a sports lover and you could not travel to Rio de Janeiro this summer, then you must download the application Rio Claro Sports 360. With it you can relive the games and have the feeling of being at the level of the courts, pools, tennis, sand Olympics. One of the functions of the app is that it has a section summary of sports activity per day, so you can go all sporting activity in a few minutes and relive the exploits of your favorite athletes.

Is it possible to enjoy content VR 4GLTE connected to a network?

However, there are some applications for the platform pay as you Minecraft immersed in an experience worthy of a console game. The difference here is that, in addition, require a driver to manipulate Bluetooth game. The developers of the game have decided to include multiplayer and cooperative way in the VR version and to use this mode requires an Internet connection, so connected to the 4G LTE network Telcel can live a great gamer experience wherever go.

Ride the wave of contents VR is getting easier thanks to developments in the Gear VR include gift when purchasing a smartphone like the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge , so you can enjoy all these, anywhere in which're through the 4GLTE network coverage of Telcel. I must say that it would be better to have a plan to make the experience more fluid and with a plan Max No Limit 5000 with 5000 MB for surfing can download applications, watch videos and play with other users, in addition to always keep in touch with your family and loved ones.

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