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Android updates in the Google Pixel must first pass through operators

Android updates in the Google Pixel must first pass through operators

As safe as they heard, Google introduced a couple of days ago its new Pixel smartphones, which have already had a chance to try for a first touchdown, that with the passage of time still appear novelties, such as they have functions exclusive that will not reach other Android, not even the Nexus devices. But today we did not expect other news is confirmed.

As we know, the Pixel will be available in the US through the Google Store and the Verizon operator who took the exclusive for distribution in physical stores in the country. Now Google is confirming that all Pixel sold by Verizon only receive monthly security patches just when they are published, since system upgrades will have to pass before the operator, who will decide when to release.

A hint of what might happen in the rest of the world
Apparently this decision comes as part of the negotiations between the company and the operator , since although the Pixel can be purchased via online for unlocked and with immediate access to all updates to send Google, many users prefer to see and feel the device before purchasing and access to promotions to launch the operator, Verizon also is making a big advertising campaign.

According explains Google, Verizon will control system upgrades (new versions of Android) for Pixel sell this on the grounds that they have to make sure that the update does not adversely affect your network , so when receive a new version of Android it will be analyzed and approved, later to be sent to the devices, which according to Google "a few weeks after publication of the updated" should occur.

However, Google will continue to be responsible for the safety of the devices, so all monthly security patches come directly to the Pixel without having to go through the operator and authorization. Another factor that will differentiate the Pixel Google Store with Verizon, that the latter will take applications from Verizon, yes, the famous bloatware that can not be removed from the system unless you have root access.

This movimento affects far only the United States, but knowing that the Google Store is not yet available in several regions of the world and the distribution of Pixel depend on the operators, it is safest to see the same strategy other countries where it is the operator who decides when to release new versions of Android, and sell devices with preinstalled applications services.

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