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And turns your smartphone into a football coach

And turns your smartphone into a football coach

¿Fan and football player? Excellent, surely you're here because you want to raise the quality level of your game and here we have applications that will be your allies on the way to achieving this goal.

Adidas miCoach:
Although it is not an application designed specifically for soccer (being rather a multi-sport application) , it has the ability to monitor various aspects of your performance during games.

Thus, at the end of the meetings you can have instantly a statistic on sprints you have done, the maximum speed you accomplished during the match, the height of your jumps, and even a precise breakdown on your minute speed minute distributed in the total distance you traveled.

And turns your smartphone into a football coach

We strongly recommend that you work leaning on the app Adidas Train & Run, which will be ideal for physical work during the week and improve our condition with exercises and routines suggested by the application.

It is worth noting that this application takes a minute - by - minute monitoring of our performance during our routine, such as if it were a personal trainer. Telling you when you have to go up or slow down to progress in training plans. We must always work on our physical condition to perform better in games. Remember to carry out monitoring of our careers and exercises need a good data connection and GPS to track your route.

Nike Football
This is the most popular application in soccer training is that you have the support of big stars of the sport as Neymar Jr, Robert Lewandowski, Mario Gotze and more.

And turns your smartphone into a football coach

The application has dozens of videos very complete your training exercises also giving some tips to improve your fitness and recommendations on where to place the ball in your shots.

We must add a section in which we exercise our mental ability. One of the ambassadors of this point is Cristiano Ronaldo, here will show the benefits that accrue to exercise your mind and once inside the court, even these activities can help you improve your reflexes so that eventually can become more agile during the games.

One advantage of this application is the possibility of organizing a match between the user community of Nike Football, you can send an open call to the public, by selecting one of the street courts that appear on the map. Simply select a room to play or a meeting place and time to see you establish with other people who want to participate. So there will be no excuses and you can meet and play with all those who feel the same passion for football and make your own team.

Grassroots exercises
This app shows you some prefabricated moves that can be performed while you play to get the goal. Of course, in all these strategies you will need at least a playmate to practice them.

And turns your smartphone into a football coach

In addition, some strokes on exercises you can do to improve your fitness and your ability on the court are included. This free application will help you meet technical, physical and tactical objectives.

Free football training
Goalkeeper Football Psicowisdom
With this guide you will exercise not only see a guide with activities to improve your technique, fitness and even a guide to limber up before your workout or your party.

Unlike other fitness apps, here you will find exclusive exercises for those who play as goalkeepers. So if you enjoy being a goalkeeper, this application can not be required on your smartphone if you want to improve your technique.

And turns your smartphone into a football coach

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