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Watercooling while in a be quiet!

Watercooling while in a be quiet!

The brand be quiet! Announced  his arrival on the water cooling systems market all in one with the Silent Loop.

Include a system with a cooling block that includes the pump, all connected to a radiator. The base is made of copper (painted black) while the cold plate is made of copper plated in black nickel. Note that it is possible to add coolant manually into the system via a location provided for this purpose.

The design is from a partnership with OEM Alphacool , Be quiet! described the pump as using a "reverse flow decoupled", the hot liquid is sucked by a cavity above the hot plate which transfers the liquid to the pump in a second cavity. According to the brand, it limits the pump speed at 2200 rpm to reduce noise and vibration.

Watercooling while in a be quiet!

Three sizes of radiators are launched, 280mm (2x140mm), 240mm (2x120mm) and 120mm given to dissipate maximum respectively 400, 350 and 270 watts. Two fans PureWings2 are provided with each heater.

The Silent Loop are advertised as compatible with Intel platforms (775 / 115x, 1366/2011) and AMD (FM2 / AM3 +) recent, with government recommended prices of 110, 130 and 150 euros for models 120mm, 240mm and 280mm. Availability is announced as immediate.

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