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Nvidia Titan X 12GB test: for € 1,300, Pascal drives the point!

Nvidia Titan X 12GB test: for € 1,300, Pascal drives the point!

This will therefore soon. While the GeForce GTX 1080 already dominates his subject, Nvidia drives the point home with a new Titan X ultra high-end designed as wealthy players that professionals in the deep learning . On the menu: up to 30% more performance ... accompanied by a savory addition of 1,300 €. What can finally enjoy the 4K? What overclocking potential? The answers in our complete file.

Since the generation Kepler, Nvidia introduced a new category of ultra high-end graphics cards under the Titan brand. Equally qualified versions of semi-professional as they can offer some features related to supercomputing, or a greater amount of memory, suitable for working on large data sets. Here is a reminder list of Titan cards that have been launched and what they bring compared to GeForce classic moment, in addition to higher gross power:

2013: GeForce GTX Titan fast double precision, 6GB vs 2GB
2014: GeForce GTX Titan Black: fast double precision, 6GB vs. 3GB
2014: GeForce GTX Titan Z: fast double precision, dual GPU, 2x 6GB vs. 3GB
2015: GeForce GTX Titan X: 12GB vs 4GB
2016: Titan X (Pascal): 12GB vs 8GB

Gradually, Nvidia has reduced the specifics oriented "pro" Titan. This does not prevent the manufacturer to ever push this aspect of these graphics cards because it is true that some professionals who need maximum memory or computing power can find a good compromise, if n 'need not unique to Tesla accelerators. This is particularly true in the currently very lively area of deep learning . After some experimentation, Nvidia has to have concluded that it was not necessary to tap into the features usually reserved for Tesla to achieve reach this audience.

To strengthen somewhat this side "pro", the newcomer is also more a GeForce GTX Titan X is a "full stop". But do not get me wrong, this is the GeForce division that is responsible for this, the graphics card still features much the GeForce GTX logo and players (wealthy) to remain a favorite target. Thanks to a new GPU, the GP102, the Titan X (Pascal) will make a huge gain in performance compared to the GeForce GTX Titan X (Maxwell), with which it will avoid confusion. It should also offer 25 to 30% better than the GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition, hopefully, to finally play with 60 fps in 4K and a high level of quality without the need for multi-GPU.

That's what we'll check on this, not forgetting to observe the margin available at its GPU overclocking. After all, this Titan X is also a glimpse of a future GeForce (slightly) more affordable. Note that it is marketed exclusively by NVIDIA through its own online store, and the € 1,300 price making in product for less exclusive.
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