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Intel separates from the Intel Security Group

Intel separates from the Intel Security Group

Intel has announced a partnership with a private equity firm, TPG Capital, to make independent McAfee, more recently known as the Intel Security Group since 2014.

The new entity will take the name of McAfee and will be 51% owned by TPG Capital and 49% by Intel. TPG's investment is 1.1 billion, but the company says the creation of two billion debt to the new entity, a debt that will be managed by Intel.

The financial package - in stages - is a bit complicated but allows Intel said in its press release that the company will receive $ 3.1 billion in cash for the transaction. A way for Intel to save face as a reminder, Intel had paid $ 7.7 billion to provide McAfee in 2010.

But as link our fellow Forbes If we put aside the issue of new debt, the sale value of the company is really only of 2.2 billion, barely more than a quarter of what was worth at McAfee its acquisition by Intel!

Already somewhat understandable at the time, this acquisition has been very costly for the final Santa Clara firm. The announcement also puts into perspective the tense relationship between Intel and McAfee John recent days. The image of the founder of McAfee  not really sticking to that Intel had done everything to get away from the name, renaming the Intel Security Group company in 2014.

With Intel will restore the original name for the new independent company, we understand why Intel had announced its opposition the will of John McAfee rename his new company "John McAfee Global Technologies" . The latter filed a complaint in New York last week to decide the issue.

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