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Comparison: 4 SATA HDD 750 GB to 1 TB

Need a huge storage space for your vacation videos? Increasing the density of helping trays, the hard drives of 750 GB and even 1 terabyte are now accessible. This is Seagate who first launched an HDD 750 GB in April 2006, namely that the 7200.10 is still relevant. Hitachi for its part was the first to reach the To, that as of January 2007. However, this drive is really only available this summer.

The crude approach to begin ...
To achieve such a capability on its 7K1000, Hitachi has used brute manner as the 7K500 was two years before the first record to reach 500 GB. Instead of increasing density, and Hitachi is the only to offer a hard drive with 5 trays therefore up to 200 GB each. A version of the 7K1000 750GB is available, the latter using 4 plates.

Comparison: 4 SATA HDD 750 GB to 1 TB

At the competition reached Seagate currently 750 GB with its aging 7200.10, while Western offers since summer a 750 GB drive within its range Caviar SE16. In all cases, 4 plates are used for the 750 GB versions, while the cache is 32 MB against 16 MB Hitachi Seagate and Western. 

The end of the year should see the arrival of disks of a terabyte offering simpler designs that the Hitachi drive. Seagate will offer indeed with its 7200.11 disk trays 4, while Samsung will go further with only 3 sets! Remains that beyond the effects of ads, we do not yet know precisely the dates of availability of these models.

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