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Comparison: 4 hard drives 3.5 '' to 4 TB 5400-5900 rpm

Comparison: 4 hard drives 3.5 '' to 4 TB 5400-5900 rpm

After 3 TB hard drives , it is the turn of the hard drives for up to 4TB of passing the test bench. The first discs with such capacity have appeared on the market in late 2011, Seagate has opened hostilities with the Seagate Barracuda XT 4 TB, we could find that within the GoFlex Desk external box. It was quickly followed by Hitachi with the 5K4000 and 7K4000. All these drives use 5800 GB platters, even as 1TB platters have also emerged in late 2011.

The move to 1TB platters was later, as it took reach the Desktop of HDD.15 Seagate in February 2013, followed by a variation NAS HDD in June. Both models use a rotation at 5900 rpm. After launching a WD Black 4 TB in November 2012 (5 trays, 7200 rpm), it was not until September that the WD Red and Green lines hosted models 4TB using four platters. Their speed is as usual not specified by Western Digital, it is a priori of 5400 rpm.

Tom Thumb drive the 3.5 "Toshiba is limited for the moment the discs for the professional market, prices to match, on the capacity of 4TB.

For this comparison we decided to focus on hard drives 4 TB called "general public" using 1TB platters and using a lower speed to 7200 rpm. They are 4 in number:

- Seagate Desktop HDD.15 ST4000DM000
- Seagate NAS HDD ST4000VN000
- WD Green WD40EZRX

We used the same protocol as for 3TB drives, the results of 3TB drives ranges are equivalent also reported in the charts.

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